We do not only offer equipment,but also present
  the advanced process techniques to our customers.
Chongqing Jinggong was established in 1996 and certified as a high-new-technology company by the Technologic Council of Chongqing. The quality management system was found and assessed to be in compliance with the international quality standard ISO9001. As a full service company, Jinggong professionally designs, manufactures, and markets processing systems for solid form dry materials. The industries served by Jinggong include the pharmaceutical, food, feedstuff and chemical.
Jinggong office in Chongqing


Jinggong well knows how the technologic innovation of the equipment decides the cost, quality, and competitive advantages of the pharmaceutical companies. 'innovation' regarded as the corporate spirit guides the all activities of the company. Jinggong always integrates the ideas from the suppliers, customers and its own experiences to meet the customer needs.



As the pioneer of the fluid bed technology in china, Jinggong already has more than two hundred customers in china and have exported to America, Japan, South Korean, Russia, Brazil and Salvadoran. An increasing emphasis being made to all continents is making Jinggong a global marketing company.


ISO 9001 Certifection
New factory in Hechuan
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